The HLB 2024 survey is online !

#IBS - Publié le 13 March 2024

The 5th HLB survey on business leaders for 2024 is now available online!

This survey is carried out among the member firms of the HLB network and their clients.


This year’s report highlights the importance of emerging technologies (including AI) for the future of business innovation, creativity and productivity.

Despite persistent challenges over the past few years, the study reveals a high level of confidence among business leaders about revenue growth over the next year. This optimism is fuelled by greater agility and the integration of new technologies.

Here are some of the key findings from the survey:

  • 85% are confident in their own ability to increase revenues in 2024
  • 42% have already integrated AI into their business
  • 60% plan to adopt new technologies in 2024
  • 65% rank AI as the most important technology for their business over the next 5 years

With nearly 1,000 responses, HLB analysed the barriers, use cases and maturity of AI throughout the adoption of AI within businesses, and classified executives into three categories: innovators, explorers and conservatives. Which do you think you are?

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