The purpose of our audits, whether legal or contractual, is to deliver an accurate, clear and objective accounting and financial analysis of your company.

To this end, we make sure that associates are always close at hand and available, and that our staff have the necessary skills; we also work with recognized methodological and IT tools and enjoy the support of HLB International, the world’s 6th largest network in the field of auditing, certified accounting and consulting.

The auditing function requires the updating of practices, translating to regular training agendas for Dba staff.

Our products:

Official auditing

We operate as official auditor with around a hundred French and foreign clients from the private and non-business sectors: companies, associations, groups of all sizes, and every business sector.

The diversity of our customer base means that we are also experts when it comes to all major applicable accounting standards: French, Regulation 99-02, IFRS, US GAAP. We also employ our skills for regulated assignments as part of legal operations related to company share capital and shareholding.

Due diligences / Contractual Auditing

Take-over operations are always a key moment in the life of companies and their managers. Our aim is to support you through this sensitive period by delivering an objective outside opinion that will help you in your arbitratation.

Our engagements are related primarily to the following assignments:

  • Due diligence acquisition/sell-off audits
  • Audits for post-acquisition compliance and regularity

Our teams are composed of members with wide-ranging profiles to cater to the plurality and complexity of the issues at stake (legal, evaluation, audit, business sector) and in the process provide an enlightened opinion… at a fair price.

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Dba is a certified accounting, audit and consulting group that associates skills and solutions to support senior management, finance and HR divisions. We are based in Paris and support our clients in France and abroad.
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