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Our growth means we are able to offer employees career prospects that quickly lead to the assuming of responsibilities, especially given the way we support the development of skills through perfectly tuned training curricula. We recruit candidate profiles throughout the year for each branch of activity and at all grades.

Personality and character

We believe that every person should be valued for his or her personality, for their will to go beyond received ideas and a capacity to adapt to the environments of our clients. A learning curve is drawn not only according to years of experience. Your ability to learn and capitalize your experience is and always will be the number one criterion for advancement.

Your capacity for analysis and a quick deductive mind allow you to grasp new and different situations. Your discernment will make all the difference in establishing relevant analyses and being a part of client relations.

Our recruitment process

Step 1: Send your CV and cover letter to the following address:

Step 2: We study and reply to candidacies within 2 weeks.

Step 3: Candidates are seen by a manager for a first interview to discover their professional career and understand their motivations. Depending on the post to be filled, case studies or technical and personality tests may be proposed in order to validate a candidate’s aptitudes.

Step 4: The final interview, which closes the recruitment process, takes place in the presence of the associate responsible for the field of activity in question.

Dba is a certified accounting, audit and consulting group that associates skills and solutions to support senior management, finance and HR divisions. We are based in Paris and support our clients in France and abroad.
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