Already the 30th anniversary of the CCIPF

#IBS - Publié le 06 maja 2024
The 30th anniversary of the CCIPF (Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry) was held at the Warsaw Hilton Hotel. The gala, whose guest of honour was the French ambassador to Poland, Etienne de Poncins, underlined the importance of business relations between France and Poland.
The event brought together an impressive number of companies such as Orange, Willson&Brown, MAGO S.A., Sisley Paris, Chemet GLI, Ekoenergetyka, Marathon International, EU Workers, PowerJobs Sp, IPF Group, Dig in Vision, Teyo Wellcome, LOT Polish Airlines and others, underlining the key role of the CCIPF in strengthening trade and economic ties between France and Poland.
Congratulations to Director Urszula Majorkiewicz and President Mariusz Dolata.DBA, a long-standing partner of the CCIPF, was honoured to be an official partner of this jubilee, represented by Agnieszka Paszkowski, Partner in the firm’s International Business department!

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