HLB reports 9% growth and lands top 10 position in global ranking

#IBS - Publié le 18 kwietnia 2024

HLB International is pleased to announce that it has reached the 10th position in the International Accounting Bulletin’s global ranking. The global advisory and accounting network reports 9% growth in 2022, with combined revenues of over US$ 4.4 billion. Over recent years, HLB has used its innovative thinking and people-first approach to propel the network forward and experience exponential growth for the HLB global community.

HLB’s Global Annual Review 2022, published today, shows how the network drew on the skills and capabilities of its people to navigate the challenging business landscape over 2022. Using technology to enhance service offerings, HLB made multiple strategic investments to expand professional capabilities in key areas such as cybersecurity, cloud and emerging technologies. As a result, it accomplished substantial growth in FY22, with combined annual revenue summing up to US$ 4,436,899,551. HLB has sustained growth across many of its service lines and is well on its way to reaching all its strategic objectives by the end of 2023.

Marco Donzelli, HLB Global CEO said:

“I am thrilled that we are now a top 10 network in global ranking. I am proud of the resilience we have shown over what has been a very difficult time for the global economy. We maintained growth in our service lines and progressed on our CSR targets. Our growth is testament to our unyielding efforts in future-proofing the network and delivering our purpose to make a positive and sustainable impact.” 

During 2022, HLB launched its CSR strategy to enable HLB to power an inclusive, sustainable future for all its people and ecosystem by focusing on three strategic pillars: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, The Environment and Communities. There has been some notable progress in this area:

  • HLB’s carbon footprint has declined by 8%.
  • Pro-bono work undertaken by the network increased 161%, from 0.26 to 0.68 hours per employee.
  • New hires from underrepresented groups have increased by 36% from 2021

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