HLB’s 3-year strategy

#IBS - Publié le 13 March 2024

DBA is part of the worldwide HLB International network. HLB is a network of independent accounting and consulting firms, with 40,831 professionals in 156 countries.

HLB launched Innovative People, Brighter Futures; HLB’s new network strategy with a horizon of 2027.

Working together, HLB can achieve superior results, grow and strengthen its position in the market, while delivering its purpose: to make a positive and sustainable impact on the future of clients, people, and communities, because HLB care about their well-being and success.
HLB’s vision is to be a challenger brand among mid-tier networks, driven by a people-powered culture of innovation.

To find out more about the HLB International network and its vision for the future, click here: https://buff.ly/3O7ZXkE

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New french obligation related to the beneficial owners

In the French context of the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism, commercial companies, civil companies and other entities registered to the French Register of Commerce (association, foundation…) have to identify their beneficial owner(s).

Foreign investment in France

International investment in France last year reached a record high thanks to an annual investment increase of 10% and nearly 40,000 jobs being created or maintained.